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We, the Old West Gunslingers, roosting in the gorgeous Bitterroot Valley, just a short drive south on Highway 93 from Missoula, Montana, say Howdy!
We have been researching history for a lifetime, re-enacting it for five years. We do performances wherever there are activities happening. Wyatt, Mustang Jane, Miss Kitty, or any of the other members will thrill you with a combination of safety, education, and humor. We furnish all with a vast knowledge of the Old West.

If you would like us to help make your event an added success, please let us know. We would like to have you come to one of our events, a good combination of relaxation and quality family fun.  Hope to see you all there!

Old West Gunslingers.

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          Links to Our Great Supporters

Susan Hatch - Speaking from experience, this woman has the best assortment of needed re-enactment clothing ever made.  Please contact her, at the email address, (just click on her name to email) or Bitter Creek, 3164 Old Darby Rd, Darby, Montana  59829 for snail mail, or telephone 406-821-4460.  Information and price quotes or brochures available.   Her work is top quality and low in price.

Wild West Merchantile - Here is a store and website that has all those hard to find items, and wonderful sales.   Claudia has everything from men's clothing, to those hard to find parasols for the women!

Shadows of the Past - A guide to reenactment groups

Bitter Creek Outlaws - "The Bitter Creek Outlaws is a group of low-down, dirty, rotten, mean, ugly (and that's just our Sheriff) personages that perform skits depicting life in the west in the 1880- 1890 time period."

Lonesome Dove - A fan site for the novel and series

Bohemia Mining Days - Annual festival remembering mining on Bohemia Mountain.

GBS Sales - Western Firearms & Custom Frontier Gunleather - Buy, Sell, Trade....

GOTGWA - The Guns of The Golden West Association

The Gunfighter Zone - A Great Links Page

The Old West Living History History Foundation - A national organization dedicated, as we are, to the men, women and children who keep the historical heritage of the American Frontier alive through their Living History events, exhibitions, re-enactments and stunt show performances of the old wild and wooly west.

TheAmericanWest.com - Merchandise and Auction site

Reenactors World Plus - Links and information about all time periods of re-enacting

Teddy Blue's Bunkhouse - Great site of anything to do with the Old West, novels, movies, videos, links, a wonderful site to just sit with coffee and browse, great site Teddy!

Guildhall - Dedicated to promoting the western lifestyle through art.

Loyalist Arms And Repairs - We are a company who import, sell, and manufacture muskets, rifles,swords, armor and accessories for the 12th-19th century. We can also reproduce hard to find items in metal, wood, and leather from samples and detailed patterns. Items such as buttons, buckles, belts, shoes, etc. can be made.

Montana Gunslingers - Old West Gunfight and History Re-Enactment, another great Montana group!

Red Mountain Leather - Where the West Began, Wichita.   I have personally had leather goods, such as belts and holsters made from this lady, and she is fantastic, and very reasonable priced for the amount of work.  She will soon have a webpage of her own, for now, if you would like quotes, delivery, etc. please email her.  I assure everyone, she does quality work.


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Send submissions, comments, questions, and anything else that occurs to you to us via e-mail at: Old West Gunslingers.

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