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Remote Assistance

HCS's Computer Technician:
Ed Eldridge

Cybernet1's remote assistance server allows our customers to open a temporary session which gives our technician the ability to remotely administer any PC.

Hourly Rate of $60 applies for all remote assistance sessions.
(Available during regular business hours. After-hours and weekends by appointment only, additional charges may apply)

At the customer's discretion, an application can be installed on the PC that will allow our technician to remotely administer the PC at any time. Great for businesses that cannot remove workstations for regular maintenance, or for elderly or disabled individuals who cannot bring their computer into our shop for repairs.

This option allows our technician to monitor and maintain a PC remotely, while ensuring our customer's security and privacy.

Access to Cybernet1 Internet Customer's computers remains local to Cybernet1's network, meaning the information is not transmitted across the Internet. This helps us ensure that our customer's information remains private and secure.

To use this service or for more information, please contact our computer technician at (406)363-1540.

When instructed, use the following link to login to our remote assistance website:

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