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Network Information


Cybernet1 is setup to transport large amounts of data in to the Bitterroot Valley from our PoP location in Missoula using our fully owned backbone. Our towers utilize licensed microwave frequencies to connect each tower in a redundant mesh topology to decrease the risk of possible outages and ensure there is another path if any device is to fail. Our network is attached to two tier1 networks in Missoula providing diverse paths to every other network on the internet. Either tier1 network is capable of fully handling the bandwidth of our network at any given time providing redundancy to the internet as a whole.

Quality of Service

Cybernet1 has implemented over 60 wireless access points spread across more than 15 tower locations, from Darby to Missoula. Every major tower site is equipped with a robust backbone router dedicated to maximizing performance of all network traffic. We have an advanced system of QOS that spans the entire network topology all the way from the edge of our network to the CPE (Customer Premises Equipment). This ensures that bandwidth is available to high bandwidth applications such as video streaming and stability for time sensitive traffic such as VoIP and Gaming.


Cybernet1 is working hard to strengthen and provide higher bandwidth throughout our network. This progression began four years ago and continued growth is planned as the bandwidth becomes necessary and available. Our focus is centered on the stability and reliability of your service. The packages shown below reflect the progression to date.
Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
384k 768k 1m NA
512k 1m 1.5m 3m
768k 1.5m 3m 8m
►Current Transition* 1.5m 3m 8m 16m

* Current Transition depicts the capped speed for each package. Some service areas may not be getting the “current transition” speed. We are in the process of upgrading tower equipment as well as customer equipment, where necessary. QOS priorities over traffic on the network are also determined by the package level.


Cybernet1 is and will continue to be fully compliant with FCC regulations for the frequencies we use. It is our intention to continue to grow within the Bitterroot Valley as the community grows along with us. Disregarding these regulations is not an option we are willing to consider even though higher power levels and cleaner frequencies, that would otherwise be empty, could offer substantial performance increases.

Cybernet1 is dedicated to improving our network in order to keep up with the increasing demands for high bandwidth services across the Internet