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Internet Services

Cybernet1 has several options available for internet service:


What's the difference?

"Wireless" is a Tower-to-Antenna based system, designed for high performance and low latency in rural areas.

"DSL" is a hard-line service designed for reliability; speeds and availability depend on the distance to your telephone provider

"Satellite" is designed for use in rural areas where the location prevents access to other types of service.

My location does not support DSL, should I choose Wireless or Satellite?

The choice is simple: Go Wireless!

Call Cybernet1 at (406)363-2183 to get your installation scheduled!

Wireless will always deliver more speed and better performance than Satellite.

Wireless systems are not adversely affected by weather conditions,
 whereas Satellite performance is often degraded by rain and snow.

Satellite should be considered only if no other option is available.