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CyberNet1's business plan was conceived by its founder, Richard Pedersen, in December of 1995. By quickly developing the concept and putting the plan into action, CyberNet1 welcomed its first internet customer within the first week of January, 1996.

Based in Hamilton, Montana, Cybernet1 was the first local Internet Service Provider in the Bitterroot Valley. The only local company providing complete internet service and support, as well as computer services ranging from custom-built computer systems to maintenance, repair, and technical support; provided by Hamilton Computer Service, a branch of Cybernet1, Inc.

Relying on our broad base of experience in customer service and internet technology, this "hands on" company strives to offer the best combination of services available from any Internet Service Provider in Western Montana. Despite our tremendous growth over the years, this philosophy continues to be our priority, and we strive to make every customer feel welcome in our office.

You can rest assured that Cybernet1 will be here to serve your future needs!

Cybernet1 has always demonstrated a vested interest in the Bitterroot Valley community and its residents. As a partial listing and in no particular order, we are proud to have made contributions and give support to the following:

  Ravalli County Fire Council
  Bitterroot Valley's Volunteer Fire Departments
  Bitterroot Valley Chamber of Commerce
  Bitterroot Resource Conservation & Development
  Bitterroot Valley Kiwanis
  Victor Museum
  Victor Youth Athletics
  Babe Ruth Baseball
  Darby Baseball
  Bitterroot Red Sox
  Winter Special Olympics
  Hamilton High School Graduation Events
  Corvallis High School Graduation Events
  Blodgett View Christian School
  Mountain View Christian School
  Saint Mary's Mission
  Hamilton Elks Lodge
  Ride for Hope
  Impact on Learning
  Five Valley Kennel Club
  Montana A Cappella Society
  and more....